Made2Burst -Your Premier Social PvP staking Game!

Pullout before you BURST!

MadeToBurst is a game of chance, where various players play live to beat the odds.
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Real Time Bursting

Watch your fortune burst out in real time!

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Social PvP

Play with friends and beat your foes! Play with your foes And Beat your friends!

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Do You have what it takes?

99% Luck —- 1% Skill — AND ALL BALLS -From a spark may burst a flame!-

Whats a BurstCoin?

NXT based. — Proof of Capacity Algorithm(1st of its kind, HDD-mined) — No IPO — No Premine — 4 minute block time — 1st coin to include ‘Smart Contracts’ — 1st coin to do cross-chain transfers — ASIC proof

What's Bursting?

Our Goals & Objectives !!
Dedicated Team keeping things , Transparent!

Dedicated, Transparent, Visionary! Here at MTB we're proud to bring you BurstCoin's First Multi-Currency Betting Platform, where we will be allowing you to deposit ANY coin and receive BURST credit to bet on our exciting game!

  • Asset distribution and crowdfunding still to be released. We want to launch a complete prototype to keep you coming back!

  • we will show complete transparency Through commits / docs and links to prove our work, everthing will be provably fair and proven

  • As soon as that Play BUTTON is up you will be able you log in sub, and check out click around all the amazing features on MadetoBurst

  • No Current Date Set

Our Team

Helping us , help you , getting to know .... Us ?!


Project Manager – All around Good Guy
BurstCoin and Crypto-Currency Enthusiast ! Like my , Broish charm or ideas?! Wanna throw some fine coin my way ?! Bronate at : BURST-MDX5-7DDU-YL5W-GLQPA

Busta Paladin

Jack of all trades
I’m quite invested into the crypto community and run my own trust site for helping people. You can find information on fellow members here at I can’t wait to get bursting with y’all! BURST-7972-N8AP-NERY-DZLLB


Game Developer , Coding Guru and Database god
Full time Developer. Wrote a payroll and crm system from scratch, which has MSSQL Server back-end in .Net. Fully conversant in most programming languages. VB ,C# ,Delphi ,pascal , Java , Java-script just a few I run my own BurstCoin Pool At -BURST.LEXITOSHI.UK- you’re free to join me!


Game Developer , and CTO
Casino Game Guru and security back-end champ , see it all!

Mii Design

Graphic Designer , Twitch Guru
Heya! I’m MiiDesign and I create graphic work for projects , come visit me on my Twitch channel @ and we can create together BURST-SYNA-X2X7-9GEB-DWWU9


Media Hub Expert , Think Tank , Customer Support